Michael Thariath
Full Stack Developer
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Guardian by Elexa
Mar 2021
Guardian by ElexaFull Stack Developer | Product Designer
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Guardian by Elexa is a consumer IoT product line that detects and prevents damage from water leaks. It is a system of physical products connected to a cloud platform that not only detects and alerts the user when a leak is detected, but shuts off their water main automatically. The system is designed to be easy to use and easy to install by any homeowner without professional installation.

I worked for Elexa from 2016, when Guardian as a concept didn't yet exist, until 2021. My role evolved throughout my tenure, moving from product documentation, to product design, and finally to development. I was the lead designer for the Guardian line of products, not only designing their physical appearance & functionality, but I also worked with our international engineering teams to architect and structure the platform to deliver an unparalleled user experience.

Projects & Accomplishments

  • Designed and architected the Guardian line of products
  • Developed backend dashboards for engineering and support staff to perform CRUD functions with the database and remotely interact with deployed devices for troubleshooting and support purposes
  • Designed and developed the ecommerce website, powered by Gatsby.js & Shopify
  • Deployed an OAuth 2.0 authentication system for 3rd party services to make actions on behalf of users within the Guardian ecosystem
  • Created the full page-by-page design for the consumer iOS & Android apps
  • Contributed to the Python/Flask backend for the Guardian ecosystem and helped architect it to meet design specifications