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Project Overview

I was the first hire at Elexa Consumer Products, and played a key role in bringing the Dome product line to market. My main responsibilities were in product design, documentation, and marketing.

Product Design and Specification

The Dome Water Main Shut-Off

I joined Elexa shortly before the Dome product line launched. I was responsible for the industrial design for the Water Main Shut-Off and the Door/Window Sensor Pro.

Along with physical product design, I specified software functionality for Dome devices. I worked within the Z-Wave spec to maximize functionality without adding to costs. I worked with Sigma Designs to add to the Z-Wave standard to support brand new features. The best examples include pest detection in the Mouser and the Siren's multiple chimes.

Product Documentation

It was important to integrate Dome with established smart home platforms. I set a goal to create the most detailed and easiest to work with documentation on the market. As a result, Dome secured integration partnerships with manufacturers like Wink, Samsung, and many more.

Dome's device documentation is available online.

Digital Marketing

I cultivated the Dome brand's voice and crafted most of the outward facing language. I was a natural fit for the role because of my ability to understand complex ideas and explain it in simple terms. My work can still be seen live on the Dome website.