Guardian Leak Prevention System

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Project Overview

I designed the Guardian Leak Prevention System. Guardian is an innovative IOT-based solution for water damage in homes and businesses. I played a key role in every stage of the product life-cycle, from initial concepts to product launch. My primary responsibilities were in product design & UX.

We approached the Guardian system from a design-first perspective. We put great effort and thought into making the products easy to install and delightful to use and see.

Leak Detector

The Guardian Leak Detector

The Guardian Leak Detector is one of my proudest professional and creative achievements. It is the _best_ product of its type. It can detect as little as three drops of water to alert homeowners faster than the competition. It can also monitor the vast majority of household appliances and fixtures for leaks.

Valve Controller

The Valve Controller's features are also disruptive. It is easier and faster to install than any similar product, and you don't need a plumber. It has a back-up battery, and works even without WiFi, making it foolproof.


Water damage costs Americans $2.5 billion a year. Guardian is the most practical solution homeowners can use to protect themselves today and I'm very proud of the role in making that true!